Data and AI

Data Science

Organizations drown in data can unlock the real value of data with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI. With Amrocky Academy( A non for profit research wing of Amrocky), we offer Data Science Solutions for Data scientists and researchers to Build, Deploy Machine learning and Deep Learning algorithms at scale

Insights in Data

Our Data Insights Services make you understand data and gather maximum information out of it with Pattern Detection using Data Mining, Data Mapping and Clustering backed by domain experts

Enterprise Business Analytics Solutions

Amrocky Data Science As A Service provides Cognitive & Prescriptive Intelligence to Automate Analytical Model Building using Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence for image Classification, Speech Recognition, Fraud Detection

Our Data Science Services provides text analytics to extract data from text sources for analysis, text clustering and categorization using Natural Language Processing algorithms. Build Predictive and Statistical Models for Data Products

Data Ingestion and Data Processing for IoT and Big Data Solutions
Amrocky Data Consulting Services provides Data Ingestion, Data collection and Data Processing Solution for IoT and Big Data Solutions. Enterprises can integrate data from any Source, can process Batch Streaming Real-Time and Deploy Cloud

How we can help

Analytics Solutions and Services

  • Deep Learning & Machine Learning Modeling
  • Data Science Solution Architecture and Design
  • Text, Natural Language Processing, Predictive and Statistical Modeling & Analytics
  • Predictive Intelligence using AI
  • Data Science Proof of Concepts, Data Insights
  • Design and Build Real-Time Analytics
  • Data Insights by integrating data from various sources
  • Large Scale Data Processing using Kappa, Lambda architecture
  • Develop and Deploy Machine Learning, Deep Learning Algorithms on Large Datasets
  • Deploy Analytics Platform On-Premises, Hybrid and Public Cloud
  • Data Science Operation and Model Optimization
  • Data Modeling Using Neural Networks, Machine learning and Deep Learning

Data Modeling And Implementation

  • Big Data Integration based on data transformation
  • Data Ingestion, Insights & Transformation from different Sources
  • Data Modeling and Algorithm Management
  • Big Data Use cases
  • Data Science Operations and Model Optimization
  • Data Modeling Using Neural Networks, Machine learning and Deep Learning


  • Data driven AI, ML and DL solutsion
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Cyber security
  • Recommendation engines


  • Manufacturing/IOT
  • Healthcare
  • Retail and e-commerce